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Info about Way Out West

'''Way Out West''' are an English electronic music duo from Bristol, comprising Jody Wisternoff and Nick Warren. They temporarily became a trio in 2004 with the addition of singer Omi (Emma Everett) for their third studio album, Don't Look Now.
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Way Out West
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Subgroup Group Game Remix Instrumental
Way Out West - Composer
Way Out West  - Activity  / Associated genres: Techno
Ungrouped Custom Kinetica NO
InGame (Named WAV files) Alpha 0.98 6th March 2002 prototype Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 NO
Way Out West  - Anything But You  / Associated genres:
PS2 In-Game Trailers Others / Trailers Need for Speed Carbon NO
Way Out West  - Killa  / Associated genres: Techno
Ungrouped Custom Juiced NO
Demo? Earlier Version (not sure what number) Night Runners NO
Way Out West  - Pulse of Life (Edit)  / Associated genres: Electronica
Wipeout Pure album (only) Custom Wipeout Pure NO
Way Out West  - Sharkhunt  / Associated genres: Trance
Ungrouped Custom WRC (PS2) NO