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Info about Kottonmouth Kings

Self described hip-hop/punk rock band from Placentia, California. Initially known as The P-Town Ballers and then Cottonmouth until settling on Kottonmouth Kings. The group started with high school friends Steve Thronson (Saint Dog), Dustin Miller (D-Loc), and Timothy McNutt (Johnny Richter) hanging out and rapping songs on the radio while smoking weed. Brad Xavier (Daddy X), who was known for being in local punk band Humble Gods at the time, took notice of their skills and suggested they start a rap group. Johnny Richter had legal issues, so the initial Kottonmouth Kings lineup solidified as Daddy X, D-Loc, and Saint Dog along with break dancer Pakelika and DJ Bobby B and signed with Capitol Records. At the same time they started their own label, Suburban Noize Records, to release independent music acts. After their first major full length, Royal Highness, Saint left the band due to creative differences. In 2010, Dirtball, a rapper with multiple albums released under Suburban Noize officially joined and breakdancer Pakelika was let go. Pakelika later died from complications of asthma in 2012. In 2014, there was a legal dispute between Daddy X and manager Kevin Zinger which led to the Kings leaving Suburban Noize and starting another independent label, United Family. At that time DJ Bobby B was let go from the band and Johnny Richter decided to leave. The new venture was short lived as they only released one full length and one greatest hits album before the band decided to stop touring and go on hiatus, essentially disbanding in that version. Kottonmouth Kings came back in 2018, when the original founding members D-Loc and Saint Dog, along with Johnny Richter on multiple features, released the album Kingdom Come. Saint died in October 2020. Due to professional disagreements and contract issues, Johnny Richter chose not to pursue recording or performing under the Kottonmouth Kings name leaving D-Loc the sole current member of the Kottonmouth Kings as of 2021.
D-Loc continued releasing music under the Kottonmouth Kings name throughout 2021 with other artists featured on the songs.
On April 10th, 2023, PTB Records and D-Loc announced a new lineup consisting of D-Loc and longtime Suburban Noise and SRH collaborators Judge D, Chucky Chuck, Taxman, and Dogboy. This new lineup is currently recording a new album produced by Mike Kumagai, which is significant as it will be the first Kumagai produced KMK album since 2015's Krown Power. A new single should be released in late 2023 and the new album is expected by 4/20/2024. The new lineup is currently touring.
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Kottonmouth Kings - Composer
Kottonmouth Kings  - Crucial  / Associated genres: Rapcore
PS1 (listed as in credits) Custom Supercross 2001 NO
Ungrouped Custom MTV Sports T.J. Lavin's Ultimate BMX NO
Kottonmouth Kings  - Dog's Life  / Associated genres: Rap
Ungrouped Custom Test Drive 6 NO
Kottonmouth Kings  - Let's Ride  / Associated genres: Rap
Ungrouped Custom MX vs. ATV Unleashed NO
Kottonmouth Kings  - Rainy Daze  / Associated genres: Pop Rap
InGame (Unnamed WAV files) Alpha 0.98 6th March 2002 prototype Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 NO