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Info about Shadows Fall

Melodic Death Metal/Neo-Thrash/Metalcore band
Formed 1995.

Current line-up
Matthew Bachand - Guitar, Vocals
Jason Bittner - Drums
Jonathan Donais - Guitar, Vocals
Brian Fair - Vocals
Paul Romanko - Bass

Former/past member(s)
Phil Labonte
Damien Mcpherson

David Germain
Derek Kerswill

Additional notes
The band got their name from an underground comic series.
All aliases
Shadows Fall
Associated countries

Songs associated with Shadows Fall

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Subgroup Group Game Remix Instrumental
Shadows Fall - Composer
Shadows Fall - Burning The Lives / Associated genres: Punk Metal
Licensed soundtrack Custom Burnout Dominator NO
Trailers (only) Custom Burnout Paradise NO
Shadows Fall - In Effigy / Associated genres: Rock
Ungrouped Custom Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam NO
Shadows Fall - Still I Rise / Associated genres: Metal
Licensed soundtrack Custom MX vs. ATV Reflex NO