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Info about Kenji Eno

Kenji Eno was a Japanese game developer and composer. He founded the game development company EIM, Ltd. (Entertainment Imagination and Magnificence) after he quit working at Interlink. He later closed the company down because he did not want to use licensed characters in his games. He later founded the company Warp which also produced video games. He only scored the music to a few games. Kenji continued developing video games at his most recent game developer FYTO (From Yellow to Orange).

Besides working on music for games, Eno had released some solo albums of his own in Japan which had given him some recognition in Japan, but not so much in the western regions.

Unfortunately, on February 20, 2013, Kenji died from heart failure because of high blood pressure. His music and games will always be remembered.
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Kenji Eno - Big Sur / Associated genres: Composed soundtrack
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