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Info about Arkells

Formerly known as Charlemagne, Arkells are a Canadian rock band, formed in Hamilton, Ontario. In 2006, they signed with Dine Alone Records, and have since signed with Universal Records Canada and Last Gang Records. They are managed by Last Gang Management. They have released five albums, two EPs and a number of singles that have charted in Canada. The band has won multiple Juno Awards, including one for their album High Noon in 2015.
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Arkells - Composer
Arkells  - Years In The Making  / Associated genres: Alternative
Appears in the game and on DiRT 5 Official Soundtrack Album (order from album) Custom DiRT 5 NO
Arkells  - You Can Get It (with K.Flay)  / Associated genres: Alternative
Horizon XS Custom Forza Horizon 5 NO