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Info about Trans-X

Canadian synth-pop band from Montreal, Quebec.

The female voice on the original recording of "Living On Video" is Laurie Ann Gill, born 18.07.1964 in Montreal. She was never credited on a Trans-X release.

1987–1990 Pascal's wife Denise, aka [a298188] from Los Angeles, did most of the TV shows, and they released one record together as [a=Live On Video].

In 1994, Pascal settled in Barcelona, Spain and met Lali, a Catalan woman, who did all Trans-X shows from 1994–2008.

In 2006, [a507045] was hired to record the voice on the 2006 ZYX release of "Living On Video," and never performed live with the group.

Since 2008 the Trans-X vocalist is [a=Corina Lawrence], from Argentina.
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