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2 Tone Ska revival group formed in 1978 in Birmingham, England by guitarist/vocalist [a=Dave Wakeling] with [a22392] (bass) and [a=Andy Cox] (guitar) along with rapper/toaster [a=Ranking Roger] ([a=Roger Charlery]), drummer [a=Everett Morton] and veteran Jamaican saxophonist [a=Saxa] ([url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/1511592-Lionel-Martin-2]Lionel Martin[/url]). [b]As there was an eponymous power pop US group (later known as [a325920]) emerging at the time they were forced to use the names The English Beat on their North American releases and The British Beat briefly in Australia.[/b]

The band enjoyed immediate chart success and established their own record label [l27705]. After the split in 1983, Steele and Cox went on to form [a=Fine Young Cannibals] and later [a=2 Men A Drum Machine And A Trumpet] while Wakeling, Ranking Roger and Saxa formed [a=General Public]. Saxa and Everett Morton also formed [a=International Beat], with some guest appearances by Ranking Roger who also joined members of [a=The Specials] in [a=Special Beat].

Until recently, two different versions of the band toured fairly frequently: "The English Beat starring Dave Wakeling" (a.k.a. [a=The Beat (8)], based in California, U.S.A.) and "The Beat with Ranking Roger" (a.k.a. [a=The Beat (6)], which also featured Ranking Roger's son [a750519], and was based in the UK.) The latter group ended with the death of Ranking Roger in Spring of 2019.
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