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LAZYBATUSU might sound like a familiar name to the followers of the nu-jazz, future-lounge & downtempo scene, as well as their unique sound. The idea originated from the fertile minds of DJ Corrado Bay and keyboards player Simone Giuliani -better known in the biz as 4MuLA -after they met in an East London studio for a fateful recording session. The need for artistic independence quickly commanded the decision of founding EMUNITY RECORDS. With this vessel, they gave life and started witnessing the growth of a DJ/musicians’ collective that marked the beginning of a solid and steady collaboration with DJ 2MuCH, Matias 'Urko' Iribarne on percussions and didjeridoos and welcomed more and more talented collaborators on board: Alejandro Santos (Al di Meola Band), Nancy Danino (Snooze, Llorca), Alma Horton ([a=4 Hero]), Rose Max & Ramatis, Karen Jones; not to mention the incredibly gifted nu-jazz producers Keston & Westdal, recently working closely with the duo on a series of remixes.
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