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Info about Adamski

Born December 4th, 1967 in New Forest, England. Nowadays he's known as [a=Adam Sky]. He has an older brother [a=Mark Tinley].

He took his artist name from the American UFO enthusiast George Adamski. In 1988 he moved into a bedsit above the Paradise Kebab shop in Camden, with [a=Jimi Polo] living in the adjoining bedsit. Jimi introduced him to house music, and taught him how to use a sequencer and a 909 drum machine. Adamski also played the piano line from Jimi's track 'Better Days'. Adamski began touring the UK with his set-up, starting off playing at Le Petit Prince in Kentish town, a club owned by his then manager Phil Smith. He ended up as the resident live show for Amnesia in Ibiza.
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Adamski - Composer
Adamski  - Killer (feat. Seal)  / Associated genres: House
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