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Info about Quarashi

Icelandic rap group from the capital city Reykjavík founded in 1996 by Hössi, Sölvi B, Ómar Swarez, and Steini a.k.a. Stoney, performing with lyrics in Icelandic and sometimes English and Danish, the group has seen a few changes to its formation over the years and also includes live band members when on stage.
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Subgroup Group Game Remix Instrumental
Quarashi - Composer
Quarashi - Stick 'em Up / Associated genres: Rap
Others Custom 2 Fast 2 Furious NO
Quarashi - Stick'em Up / Associated genres: Rapcore
Ungrouped Custom Test Drive Off-Road Wide Open NO
PS2 (listed as in jukebox menu) Custom ATV Offroad Fury 2 NO
Quarashi - Stick'em Up (Instrumental) / Associated genres: Rapcore
Others Custom BMX XXX NO