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Info about Mastodon

Mastodon is an American heavy metal band based in Atlanta, Georgia. Formed in January 2000, the band consists of [a418477] (guitar, vocals), [a260118] (guitar), [a418475] (bass, vocals) and [a418476] (drums, vocals). Mastodon also initially included [a1745863] (vocals), who left after the band recorded their first demo.
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Subgroup Group Game Remix Instrumental
Mastodon - Composer
Mastodon - Blood and Thunder / Associated genres: Sludge Metal
During races (as default) PC / PS2 / Xbox / GameCube / PS3 / X360 Need for Speed Most Wanted NO
Hard Rock Custom Project Gotham Racing 3 NO
Trailers Others / Trailers Need for Speed Most Wanted NO
PSP PSP Need for Speed Most Wanted NO
Mastodon - Crusher Destroyer / Associated genres: Rock
Rock/Other Custom Tony Hawk's Underground NO
Mastodon - Curl Of The Burl / Associated genres: Metal
Songs used only in Challenge Series PC / PS3 / X360 Need for Speed The Run NO
Mastodon - Iron Tusk / Associated genres: Metal
Rock/Other Custom Tony Hawk's American Wasteland NO