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Info about New Order

Formed 1980 in Manchester, United Kingdom shortly after the suicide of [a=Ian Curtis] ([a=Joy Division], [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Warsaw+(3)]Warsaw[/url])
Members: [a=Bernard Sumner] (vocals, guitar, keyboards), [a=Peter Hook] (bass, keyboards, 1980–2010), [a=Stephen Morris] (drums, keyboards), [a=Gillian Gilbert] (keyboards, guitar, 1981–2001, 2011–present), [a=Phil Cunningham] (guitar, keyboards, 2001–present), [a=Tom Chapman (2)] (bass, 2011–present).
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New Order
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New Order - Composer
New Order - Blue Monday / Associated genres: New wave
Bass Arena Custom Forza Horizon NO
New Order - Blue Monday (Hardfloor Mix) / Associated genres: Electronica
Wipeout: The Music Custom Wipeout NO
New Order - Close Range / Associated genres: Electronica
Ungrouped Custom WRC (PS2) NO
New Order - Krafty / Associated genres: Rock
Electronica Custom Project Gotham Racing 3 NO