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Info about Booka Shade

Berlin-based duo Booka Shade ([a=Walter Merziger] and [a=Arno Kammermeier]) have carved out a reputation as one of the most celebrated electronic acts to come out of Europe over the past two decades. With their beginnings in Frankfurt and their sights originally on synth-pop, the duo Booka Shade quickly gained a strong following. In 2002 Booka Shade formed the dance label [l=Get Physical Music] (together with [a=M.A.N.D.Y.], Thomas ‘[a=DJ T.]’ Koch and [a=Peter Hayo]), where they would have a platform for their own music.
Three years later, in 2005, their EP’s ‘Mandarine EP’ and ‘Body Language’, (the latter co-produced with M.A.N.D.Y.) launched Booka Shade into the stratosphere with both EPs becoming an international success. The duo further solidified their position as electronic maestros with tracks like ‘In White Rooms’ and ‘Night Falls’, setting dancefloors into a frenzy the world over.
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Booka Shade - Composer
Booka Shade - Body Language (vs. M.A.N.D.Y.) / Associated genres: Electro House
Ungrouped Custom Forza Motorsport 2 NO
Booka Shade - Steady Rush / Associated genres: Electro House
Ungrouped Custom Wipeout Pulse NO
Ungrouped Custom Wipeout HD (Fury) NO