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Info about Nickelback

Alternative rock band from Hanna, Alberta (Canada).

The band was formed in 1995. The band having sold almost 50 million albums worldwide, ranking as the 11th best selling music act of the 2000s, and is the 2nd best selling foreign act in the U.S. behind The Beatles for the 2000's.
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Nickelback - Composer
Nickelback  - Because of You  / Associated genres: Rock
Ungrouped Custom MX vs. ATV Unleashed NO
Nickelback  - Believe It or Not  / Associated genres: Rock
Menu (only) Custom FlatOut 2 NO
Nickelback  - Breathe  / Associated genres: Post-Grunge
Present in alpha build 25.02.2002 Custom Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2 NO
Nickelback  - Flat On the Floor  / Associated genres: Rock
Race and derby (only) Custom FlatOut 2 NO
Nickelback  - Side Of A Bullet  / Associated genres: Metal
Ungrouped Custom MX vs. ATV Untamed NO