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Info about Subroc

DJ Subroc (1973-1993) was a hip hop artist from New York City and a member of [a=KMD], Constipated Monkey and [a=Monsta Island Czars]. His first group, KMD was formed with his brother [a=Zev Love X] ([a=MF DOOM]) and Doc Morreau who would later be known as [a=Rodan], but was subsequently replaced by [url=https://www.discogs.com/artist/2117199-Alonzo-Hodge] Onyx The Birthstone Kid[/url]. His first release was '[m63247]', on Elektra Records, in 1991. Although production is either credited to KMD or [a=Stimulated Dummies], he produced all tracks under the group name KMD, due to the fact he was underage at the release of the album. After further production for artists like [a=3rd Bass], [a=MF Grimm], [a113394] aka Tommy Gunn, [a=Kurious], he died tragically in 1993 after being hit by a car. His death put production of the '[m63252]' album to a halt and marked the end of KMD, although 'Bl_ck B_st_rds' was later released. Many of what people believe to be MF DOOM productions, are actually that of the late, DJ Subroc, instrumental tracks like 'Peach Extract', 'Hands Of Doom', 'Rainblood (Pt.1 & 2)', 'Hoe Cakes', and 'Scientific Civilization', to name a few.

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